Sunday, May 06, 2007

Could I run the marathon? Well today I feel as if I could. We have a little sheltie dog, he is not young but is he ever fast. Anyway this morning I decided to get up take my shower then put him out.No way, he wanted out and that was it. So I put him on his lease opened the door and out he went. I usually check to see if he is ok, so I opened my blinds and he was at the top of the steps so I opened the door and said no no , go do your business. Well I just turned to go back inside I was in my nightdress by the way and looked back he was loose. So down the stairs I ran to try and catch him, (picture this me in my nightie , running in the yard) But he was fast, out through the yards he went. So I hurried inside, told my friend,threw on just enough clothes to look decent and out I ran. I went through all the back yards there were plenty. NO Thunder, up one street, NO Thunder. Then I spotted him, he had crossed one street and was preparing to cross another one. So Miz Aline ran with all her might. huff puff, and when I got near him , before he saw me , he had decided to leave his mark on a telephone pole, I reached down and grabbed his collar. Whew. So I brought him home.
Again another story to jot down for the grandchilden. Yes if you have pets, why don't you enter them into among your genealogy notes? I found a photo of my grandfather with this dog sitting on a barrel, my grandfather made him do tricks, my mom said he was a smart dog. That is nice to know. Now I have notes about two pets of mine. One was a little blue and white budgie, I called him Joey. My husband and I bought him from a pet store and I decided to train him. So I began by learning his trust, I would put a pencil under his feet so he could get on it. After a while I began slowly bringing out the pencil until he stayed on it. Once I had that mastered I began saying Hi Joey. Over and over over again. I would then leave for work, come back and again it was Hi Joey. One day I came home from work. I wasn't in the room five minutes I heard HI Joey. It was so exciting that I taught him, these words and sometimes he had them all in his sentence, Bad Bad Joey, Beau ti bird, T'es bien beau, beau ti car, back off. He would sometimes say, beau ti bird , beau ti car, back off joey. grin. So I wrote all this down in my genealogy book.
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