Monday, May 14, 2007

hello everyone, it has been a while since I last posted. I have been quite busy with various things, First of all my computer has been giving me such a hard time, but I think I have it all under control. For now anyway.
I have also been trying to verify a death of a little ten year old boy. This little boy was separated from his father and the father could not locate him for many years since the mother remarried. Anyway two days ago the father received word that his son perished in a fire in 2005.Can you imagine two years not knowing his son was dead? So I did a search and located his date of obit in rootsweb. Then I wrote to the Edmonton Library seeking the obit, it arrived today. Now I am trying to find the article about the fire in the edmonton journal for January 20 and January 21 2005. If any of you have access to the Edmonton Journal and you find the info , I sure would appreciate it. If so please reply or send a comment at the bottom of this blog. The little boy went under the name of Joseph Lawson, his obit reads Joseph Louis Leger Lawson. So I want the article about the fire if possible.
Changing the subject on mother's day I went to visit my mom, She is 89 years of age today, and she has a memory that is unbelievable. So I sat and listened to her stories again, that I never tire of. This time she talked about when she was ten or eleven years old. She said that her great uncle used to chaw tobacco and spit it out . So Mom and her brother would chew the bark from the trees, and walk along the road and spit out their bark as if it were tobacco. Mom said all you could see along the roadside was chewed bark. She also repeated that when she was young , her father loaned his muzzle gun to my uncle and Mom had a 22 rifle. They would go partridge hunting, Mom is a very small lady, and she is only 4 ten or 4 11 in height. Mom said when her brother would hit a partridge, all you could see were feathers flying, she said she was a good shot and all the young kids would watch her hit the bullseye on targets that they placed in the trees. I am amazed how many things my Mom did, she said they used to go hunt wearing snow shoes that she helped her father make. I have a hard time tying my shoe laces let alone try and make snowshoes, grin. As for guns I am afraid of them, I don't want one in my house even. They are so dangerous sometimes it is scary.
Have a great day

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