Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a lovely day, I am here looking out my window and I have this huge maple tree outside my window. The leaves are red and beautiful. I only moved here recently so I did not know what the summer would bring. I have tulips in bloom, now mind you I have only three blooming two yellow and one red. Nevertheless I do have flowers.
Since I have last blogged I have been pretty busy, I had ordered some films through my library and they arrived , so off to the library I went. The films were of school returns ,I was looking for my grandfather in Saint Paul Kent County but without any success. I found two of his brothers and one sister all in the same class, but my grandfather was much younger so he was not in school. The following years this family was not in school so they had to have moved away during those years. So next I need to see if there were school returns in Nova Scotia for the years I am looking for.
I have created a page in my website on Acadian School Returns and have added many classes all from Kent County New Brunswick. I may order the ones from Westmorland County next since I had ancestors from there and in the same time I can add more to my website in case some of your ancestors are listed.In the past I have found all my grades from grade one to eight , I found my mather's classroom, my fathers', my husband's and some of my siblings. Of course all of these are in my family tree book .
In genealogy my outlook is to find as much as I can on each one of my ancestors.
I read about our first ancestors we traced to and find little articles in journals that were written back in the late 1600's and 1700s and too bad there were not more of those articles. In my book I even wrote what my favorite foods were, what I loved to do, and what my inlaws were like . All of these stories go to my grandchildren who even if they are not interested right now ,one day they may love to read these things. But at the moment I do know my grandaughter and grandson loves to hear stories about their papa, and stories of when they were little babies. Oh yes those are in my book too, my grandaughter's first words, my grandson's first steps,my son's first job, etc. Oh yes memories are to be shared before we are gone.
Have a great day

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Brooklyn williams said...

hello i love maple trees they r so awsome i am with u girl