Thursday, May 17, 2007

I would like to begin this blog by showing my appreciations to the many people who have helped in in the last week in finding articles regarding the little boy who died in a fire in 2005. I have received so much response that I am overwelmed. I received the little boy's obit, and last night I received the article in the paper about the tragedy. And this does make a person think about the dangers and I hope by posting this that those of you who have children , please watch them very carefully. It only takes a second , then it can be too late to save them.
This little boy Joseph age 10 was in the basement of his home where he had his bedroom and he was playing with matches. Children are very curious so they experiment with anything at all.
The fire spread fast and the rest of the family all got out safe but the firemen reached little Joseph too late. He later died at the hospital of smoke inhalation. In the paper his step uncle said that Joseph was always asking Why????? He wanted to know things.
I have a ten year old grandson, and all of this makes me think, we have to make sure our children are safe in the home as well as out of the home. So again PLEASE make sure your children are safe and not doing things they are not suppose to do.
Now I shall go back to my genealogy, I am still entering names dates places in my Legacy Software. Once I have them all entered I want to get as many stories about their lives as I can. It is a big undertaking but I am doing what I love , and love what I am doing. smile.
I was remembering the Television Saga Roots by Alex Haley and I think if some of us made movies about our acadian or french canadian ancestors we would have some great stories. Of course this goes for any others who have famous ancestors , no matter what language or race.
But on the other hand I played the part of a lady dressed as a witch on halloween in a movie and no one came forward and asked me to become a star. smile.
Have a great day

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