Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello again, what a nice surprise. I hope you have your cuppa tea, coffee, and donuts or date squares handy. Well to begin with I would like to share the photo with you. It was taken by me two days ago, notice the path in the front bottom of the photo, well that path goes all around the outside of the little island you see. I walked all around it, the weather was gorgeous, but the next day I paid the price , my legs were some sore. grin. A lack of exercise I think. If we all meet for the Congres Mondial in 2009 , this is a nice place to come visit, it is in the center of Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada. In the fall the trees are so beautiful, with their different yellows, greens and orange colors. This park is called the Centennial Park, and long ago it was called the National Park. I used to go there when I was around 10 or 12 years old. It sure changed since then. I remember the old pool they had, and it smelled so much of chlorine but I enjoyed swimming in it anyway. We used to walk there from my home , it took us around a half to three quarters of an hour to get there. We used to travel through a man made path through the woods. Boy my imagination would run wild as I was walking through the woods. I imagined I would come across a castle with a prince and all that jazz. haha. I remember stopping at the flowers and listening to the sounds in the forest.It was so peaceful with the birds chirping...Aw those were good memories.

Now changing the subject, I would love to share my birthday card I received from my son last night. The verse is so touching that I would like to post it here.The card is white and gold with a gold ribbon on the front. The front reads To Mom with Love from your son.

here is the verse:

I don't say much about it

Till a Special Day I know,

But Mom,

You mean much move to me

The older that I grow.

And more and more, I realize

The good things you have done

To make me feel so proud of you-

So glad to be your Son.

Happy Birthday.

I love this card so much.

Have a great day


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