Thursday, September 02, 2010

What did our Ancestors do for fun?

What did our ancestors do  for fun in their days?
Have you ever wondered about this? Well in case you don't know, I am everywhere and on Facebook I started some discussions which seems to be keeping everyone interested and my latest discussion was about Halloween. Well what does this have to do with ancestors?  I didn't think it did at first but since I posted  on FB I spoke to my Mom who is 92 and would you believe when we were young Dad and Mom dressed up at Halloween and took us children out? We are seven in my family but the time she told me about we were six of us. I had to be around five years old and Mom said that she took old coats and tore the inside linings out, made some costumes and masks and then she even tore up some old clothes for costumes, dressed us and out we went. This paticular day she said they walked to the end of the road (they lived in the country) and when they got there it began raining so our costumes and masks were all sopping wet. When we got home Mom said that the dye from the mask she had made had run down all over her face which made it black.  Now I could not imagine my parents going out on Halloween, so if they went out,what about their parents (our grandparents) Did they celebrate Halloween Night? If they lived in the country and the houses were far apart, did they still go out? These are all things that would be nice to know and to add to our notes about them. And speaking of Halloween ,if you are planning a halloween party for the children or for the adults  now is the time to order your invitations, posters, and even badges and mugs to give out as prizes at your party.
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Until next time, keep on looking for your ancestors they are out there somewhere.
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