Friday, September 10, 2010

Genealogy and Humor

Genealogy like anything else has it's funny moments, and that is a good thing it keeps us motivated in keeping on going. Sometimes we hit brick walls, then one day they come tumbling down. It might take a long time for that wall to break, but there are so many new resources that seem to appear, places we haven't looked through, places we don't think to look through and all of a sudden we hit a  gold mine, well to the researchers it is like a gold mine, or finding that pot of gold (lost ancestor).
I am at the present doing two different surname lines for someone and  I thought "Gee I have that line connected right to the first ancestor recorded " Not so !  Come to find out, I was barking up the wrong tree, same name, different line. groan. But that didn't stop me, back to the searching. Oh Boy! Here he is, now I am on the right track. So I am on my way, I know there will be roadblocks along the way but I will get through them.  Now I have decided that I needed to create some funny and some nice genealogy products. I have created some churches and will add more, and I have some funny tee shirt like the one above and more if you go to my genealogy folder at*   you will see what I have so far also you can go to my new website at     and look there.
So now I am off to to I don't know what or I don't know where to start things. grin.
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