Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Obituaries are important

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If you do genealogy or family trees most of you know how important obituaries are. But those who do not or have not done their family tree and are wondering what to do or where to go you can find a lot of information from an obituary. for instance, if you are just starting to do your family tree, and haven't got a clue about your grandparent's family, if you look up his or her obituary a lot of times there is a wealth of information in one.
First of all you know where he or she was born, (that gives you a place to search) next in many cases their parents are mentioned (oh boy another clue) now many times it will say where they worked. (hmmm nice to know) and it names their children (but that's not all) it might say where the children lived. (might come in handy in your research.) If it is a female it also will list her maiden name, (oh I didn't know that). Now an obituary might also say died as a result of an accident. (hmm what kind of accident) if so there might be another article on the accident not far from the obituary. The obituary might also say where they are buried, (oh then maybe they had a tombstone,another image to add to my family tree).So all this comes from one single obituary and this paticular obituary  is another clue to discovering where you come from. I recently searched for an obit, discovered it was due to an automobile accident and this will be information to add in a family tree book.
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