Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Website

Hello everyone, this is a short blog , I just wanted to let you all know that my new website Allicor's Shop is up and running, please spread the word around? If you are a zazzle store owner, I have a blog there, you can see it in the sidebar , it is a different blog . So please follow me there?  I will also do my zazzle store featuring on that blog ,not on this one ok? I may even feature the owners with the same interview on another one of my blogs. In other words you will be featured twice  at two different blogs. I want to try to keep this blog as it is, with genealogy topics and my everyday discussions and yes a little bit of advertisement for my store too. So here is the url to my new Allicor Shop website ,add it to your favorites, I will add more products as I create them and possibly remove some older ones  which will all be in my main zazzle gallery anyway.

Have a great day

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