Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Alzheimers Disease and Ancestors

Have you ever wondered if our ancestors had some similar diseases as we have? Could some of these diseases be passed down to us or our children? Yes I believe some of them can. For instance ,my late husband's grandmother died in a mental asylum, they said she was crazy, but back then there was no dementia ,or alzheimers, they were crazy. My late husband died of Alzheimers and his sister is not afflicted with it too. Could it be coincidence? Or could their grandmother have passed it down tot them
Alzheimers is a disease that robs a person of his mind, his motor skills, his ability to walk, talk ,eat and it is so very hard on their love ones.It is a form of dementia and so many people across the world are affected with it. My late husband was one of them. So I have been there, and know how all the caregivers and love ones are feeling right now. Some of them are taking care of their love ones and they probably don't know what is keeping them going. Well I was there too, as I look back I don't know what kept me going but something did. I think it is because we all have our love ones on our mind, we want to make them confortable, we want to make sure they don't get hurt, we hope that inside their minds they can still hear us and know we love them. Alzheimer patients want to go go go, they have to be watched in order that they don't wander off and get lost. So here are a few things that I did with my late husband, when he was up and about , we had a car and he wanted to go drive the car, he had a set of keys with a black cover, so when I had the chance I took another car key that belonged to another old car we had and I switched the black top and he never knew the difference, he tried the car and I said it broke down and that was accepted. Then he wanted to go to the bank, here it was on Sunday, so he had forgotten about the car being broke, I took him to the bank and I said see it is closed, that sort of eased things, next he wanted to go to his home, which was nearby but gone years ago, he said why didn't you tell me? But sometimes they seem to dissappear really fast, one day it was winter time and he got out and here he was climbing a snow bank through the back yard to go somewhere and he was going the wrong way had I not seen him I would never had known which way to go looking for him. I know they sell medic alert bracelets but I never had one for him, now I came up with an idea of a shirt ,this shirt can be bought in different colors and for men women even children and their phone number will be on the back of the shirt if they get lost or disoriented. I am planning on creating more things like a hat , a badge, anything to identify them. I have added a photo of my shirt.

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