Sunday, July 04, 2010

Good Deeds ,Feeling Good

Now why would good deed make a person feel good? Well I would think of it this way, if someone did a good deed for me, I am sure I would feel good about it and they would feel good doing it.

A couple of days ago,I went to the supermarket to pick up a few articles of groceries, while I was standing at the check out with my cart and groceries, this elderly lady was ahead of me and when the clerk told her what her groceries came to, this lady started looking for her purse ,then she began to panic ,she was so very upset, she had put her purse in another cart and changed carts, and her cart was nowhere to be seen and she kept saying I have never done this before and all my money and cards are in my wallet, what am I going to do? Seeing her so upset I said to her, wait a minute I will go see if I can find it. So there were others at the other checkouts and so I began asking ,have you seen a purse, have you seen a purse? All of a sudden I heard it is at the office, someone had found it and brought it to the office. So the clerk went and got it. This little lady had tears in her eyes because she was so happy to have her purse and all its belongings inside.So this was my good deed and it honestly did make me feel good . And the good deed I did must have paid off because I came home, checked my mail and guess what? I had made a sale in my zazzle store. So maybe the sale was my reward.
I have been working on my gallery, adding new things very often, If an idea comes to me, then I create, this week it was genealogy related, as you know I love genealogy so this was an easy task, last week I was on the shoe creating, next week I haven’t a clue but I honestly love creating and I do hope others will like my ideas and products. You can view them all at*
The mug on the right side has the image of a reinactment of Montcalm's Victory, we have all read about Montcalm and Wolfe in our history books. Remember to order your invitations early enough and also your children shoes for school. Time sure goes by fast so don't delay.
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