Sunday, July 11, 2010

What has Aline been doing?

Hello everyone, well today it is raining, we are expection some thunder so I imagine there will be lots of little dogs and cats being afraid. We had a dog named Thunder and he was so afraid of Thunder he would shake and run and try and hide, he is now with another family due to health reasons and this family recently bought another dog ,the same breed as Thunder and they named him Lightning.So they have Thunder and Lightning.
I have been pretty busy lately, I have been doing some genealogy research for someone , which has taken me to the genealogy center, where I love to go. I feel so at home there and I can relax.
And today I added some marriages of Williams dit Bristol folks in my group of the same name on Facebook. You can find me all over the place on Facebook, I am there with the group Old Photos of New Brunswick, Williams dit Bristol group,Trails of our Ancestors group,ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE page . As you can see I have lots to keep me busy, I also have my Chat n Brag room in which is private, I have two yahoo genealogy groups, one is private to get there you need to go to petiteacadienne group for an invite. And finally I am having a great time with my store, today I created a folder called Churches, and that is what I plan on adding there, in hopes that someone doing their family tree would love some products of their ancestors areas. I also have a genealogy folder there, which is new, plus my Acadian/Cajun folder and much more, I posted some of my latest shoes and my funny tee shirts hope you like them, if you are interested in them or feel like seeing what I create go to*   
I have a folder for children also with nursery rhymes and much more.
Now that I have blogged a little it is time for a nice cuppa coffee, it is too late to go to Tims, so I will stay at Alines. grin. Until next time have a great day, do stop by again

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