Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Momma Told Me

Today I would like to share something with you about my Mom. First of all I want to talk about the photo  of her sitting with a valentine postcard. My mother who is 92 has been a collector all her life. She has saved things since she was a little girl, and has told us stories about them. Like the little basket she has which was made with porcupine quills and given to her when she was around 9 years old from a little native american friend she met in Cape Breton where her father worked for a while.  And the christening dress her mother and her made for her first baby  and then she used it for all of her children, including me, then many of her grandchildren also were baptized in that same dress.  She had a set of granite pie plates that she had when she was first married in 1932 that she has given to me, and I will treasure them for as long as I live. So now we get to the photo and her valentine. This postcard which I made for her with her original valentine is what you see in the photo above. The reason she had me make these postcards was because her valentine was given to her 86 years ago when she was six years old and it was given to her by her teacher. She treasured that valentine all these years and kept it in immaculate condition, and we are seven in my family and she could not give it to everyone so we came up with the idea of me creating a postcard with her valentine, which I did and in the back I put that it was a copy of her valentine she got in 1924 when she was six years old. I also added  from top to bottom where the line goes, "With Love from Mom.  She ordered 16 of them and they came in this week, she is so proud of those postcards, she wants to give us each one for Christmas with a note from her on the back, even it is a valentine it is very special for  my family.  And also a great souvenir.
Now something else she shared with me this week, was her wedding ring, I did not know this but she told me in 1932 ,my Dad sold his bicycle for three dollars and bought Mom a wedding ring, and he paid for the marriage license  too. Mom said she had the ring for a long time but one day someone spilled some mercury on it and it melted. But to me this story is so interesting because I can add this little tidbit in my family tree notes, and maybe one day one of my descendants might enjoy reading all about my Mom and my family.  I hope you enjoyed this little story. Now about the
T_Shirt Image above, well I was asked to have this one made, and to use my own judgement on what to add on it, he works at the Bingo and his wife is there too, so I created this shirt for him, and for others who want to buy one, I bet when he wears this at the Bingo I will have sales from it.
If you are interested you can find this tee shirt in my Hobby folder and then you click on my Bingo Folder at*   So that is my blog for today, please tell your friends about my blog and also about my store and  mention my genealogy website   Thanks for the  visit ,do stop by again, and Have a Great Day. Aline

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mumzy said...

Hi Aline: My name is Zoeline, Zoe for short, Cormier Steeves. I was born in Sussex, NB, and was brought up in Scoudouc. My Dad was Zoel A. Cormier s/o Celestin Cormier. I went on your Gallery of pictures and found that you had pictures of my great grandfather, Napoleon Cormier with his 2nd wife Domithilde Bristol. You also have a picture of my grandfather's brother Thomas Cormier with 3 of his kids. I was so excited to find these and wanted to thank you for those.

I am also a blogger but blogging mostly with bloggers interested in quilting and needlework. I can be found at and my e-mail address is If you are interested in finding out if we are related, I would love to hear from you.