Monday, July 12, 2010

A Bandit in the House

Today I would like to share a little story with you. My son lives in a pretty log cabin with his family and hound dog. One day they noticed the screen door was torn, so they had it fixed, again the screen door was ripped. What could be causing this? They have rabbits, they have raccoons,squirrels, mice, foxes all around their place.What could be causing all this damage? So this paticular day, they went out,closed the screen door, and  when they returned, they noticed bread crumbs on the cupboard top. And my daughter in law keeps her house very clean. So they thought my grandson may have made a sandwich but nope it wasn't him.
Then they looked outside on the lawn. What are those two pieces of bread doing there?  Lo and behold
not far from the bread was this bold little squirrel. When he saw my son, he started to run, so my son called his dog and said "let's go hunting". Out the door they went, the dog pulling my son, because he spotted the
squirrel running for his life. Up the side of the log home he ran. He was all out of breath, and no place to go.
The dog was howling, my son was throwing a  beach ball up towards him to make him come down. By now they squirrel was petrified  and at the same time my grandaughter came out to see what the racket was all about, right at that moment ,the squirrel fell, and he fell right at my grandaughter's feet, when she saw him, she panicked, started yelling and ran as fast as she could for the house, and the squirrel , he too panicked and ran as fast as he could for the nearest  hiding place. I don't believe he will ever return, because he was so afraid.
As for my grandaughter she is probably still in her room. grin.
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