Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dog never forgets

There is a saying that a dog never forgets, and we really believe this to be true. Today we went to visit our dog Thunder whom we haven't seen in at least two years. We had to give him to a good home because of health reasons. Anyway we had tried to see him a few times but the owners were away. So today thinking they would be away again was sort of dissappointing but we took a chance anyway. Driving up the old country dirt road, we arrived at the end of the road where there was a trailer there. We turned in the yard and there was a vehicle in the yard. I got out of the car and asked the lady who was hanging her clothes to dry on the line if they still had Thunder. Why yes! she replied. I said we were his former owners, she was very nice and invted us in. Thinking Thunder would not recognize us, we went in, but we were very wrong. Thunder ran to me and to my friend. Dog kisses were flying let me tell you. Then Thunder laid on his back for me to rub his belly, something I used to do. It was a very nice visit, and when we got ready to leave,Thunder figured " I'm going to" but they brought him in for a treat and we were on our way.We felt very good when we left because now we know Thunder is in a happy home, he can run and play where the traffic is nil, he can go into the woods if he wants to and he has a new playmate called Lightning, another corgi just like him only younger. The new owners told us we are welcome to visit anytime we want to, so that was nice of them. We won't go very often, because now that is Thunder's new home .
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