Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summertime is here ,well in North America. In Australia it is wintertime. I remember quite a few years ago, I had been asked to do some research for the bishop of New Zealand which I did and he passed away a short while later. But he had a brother in New Zealand also and his brother contacted me and we kept on corresponding with each other. I had found lots of information they were looking  for. Their ancestors had lived in New Brunswick in a place called Irishtown and yes they were Irish. One day I was making a yard sale or garage sale and I remember it was really hot that day, it was in the month of June but it was winter in New Zealand. Anyway  we had gotten some take out food and the bags and cartons were all over my coffee table, my house was a mess because of the yard sale. We had brought the stuff left over from the sale into the house and at the time I lived in a basement apartment and it was small. We were all sitting in the living room when I heard a knock on the door and I opened the door and there was this tall red headed man standing there. He said Hello Aline, Tom Gains here pleased to meet you.Well I felt like crawling into the tiniest hole because my house was such a mess, but that didn't bother him one bit, he called his wife and son into the house and we sat down, and we had the nicest chat and time  you can imagine. They were on their way to Ireland to see if they could find further information on their ancestors. He had also made a sort of a book with all the information he had at the time and inside was a note thanking me for all the help I gave them. I found that was very nice of them. And they were amazed at our lovely weather compared to them leaving in winter weather.
Summertime is a time for cookouts, for family reunions, the beach, sunday drives, going for long walks, or just sitting outdoors on the swing or the front porch. But there is something we all have to remember and remember it well. First of all  drive very carefully, be safe. And wear sunscreen , I didn't and a few weeks ago I got the nastiest sunburn imaginable. That sun can be extremely hot and very dangerous.
I do hope you will have a great summer and if you are going away, will see you when you return.
Now changing the subject, I created a Facebook Page, I named it ALLICOR'S BOUTIQUE (capital letters) and I am posting some images of my gallery and also some of my sales. Today I sold some teddy bear postcards. I created a pair of men's shoes yesterday and they were approved, , and I sort of like the idea of putting the words "These shoes were made for walking". on them,you can find them in my shoe folder at*  And  check out my various invitations, some for birthdays, family reunions,baby showers ,wedding showers, you can find them in my greeting card folder and clicking on invitations. Enjoy, I have lots of Acadian,Cajun,genealogy,some Irish ,some Scottish Tartans, and plenty of tee shirts I do hope you will stop by.
Thanks for the visit do stop by again when you can.
Have a great day

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