Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Acadian Ancestors and This and That

Transportation in Sainte Anne Kent County was probably like many other new villages in the times of our ancestors. They had no roads so they travelled through path's in the woods or by boat up and down the rivers by canoes or Dores. The folks from Sainte Anne would travel via the rivers to attend Mass in Bouctouche or Richibouto Village. And when they travelled through the small beaten paths in the woods, they would do so by horse and wagon and in the spring they would get stuck in the mud and mire and can you imagine the times that they had? Some of the men laid down logs or pressed them into the mud in order not to sink any deeper. According to one of the elders , the men would travel though the woods or by water as far as Memramcook to meet the ladies. To them it was an everyday way of living. . In the winter times they would use snow shoes made of animal hides on the snow so that they would be able to stay on top of the snow and not sink in. The other day I was visiting Mom and they showed this native american making snowshoes and Mom said to me "My Dad used to make those, and he would make a small pair for my mother because her feet were so small. "She continued saying he would lace them up with the rawhide and then wet the rawhide and it would shrink and make the snowshoe stronger. It is so interesting to me, just listening to stories about long ago or reading about it.
Because our ancestors did a lot of those things that is talked about.
Now on another note, I have added more names from the 1940 Obituaries in the Evangeline French Paper which I translated to English on my website at Click on Evangeline obituaries. I have also added a new page on Genealogy Resources, if you are looking for a webhost, or for anti virus software or genealogy software of any kind or genealogy links check out my Genealogy Resources while you are at acadian-roots. Some of the links are subcriptions and some are free.
Well a few days ago I bought an exterior hard drive and I decided to save some of my information so that I don't lose them. Anyway I am not too smart on this part so I wanted to save my files on Acadian-Roots, so I downloaded a program called Zilla and I fiddled around until I found a way to download my files from Acadian-Roots, if you have ever been there you will see I have a huge photo gallery along with my site. Anyway my tranfers started, and it kept going and going and going , I saw these files being transferred, 1000, 2000 ,3000, Wow 'What is being downloaded anyway?" Well would you believe it also downloaded every photo that is on my photo gallery? I have over 6000 files transferred or saved. WOW. That is a lot of files. So now if ever my computer crashes I have all that stuff on an exterior hard drive.
I would suggest if you have a lot of things on your PC that you do not want to lose, to buy an exterior hard drive, you can get different amount of Gigabytes, mine has 320 GB. Should last me a while huh?
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Lori E said...

My Writer's Challenge link is up. Why not add a story to the rest. Just tell us about something really nice someone has done for you.

terrytaurus said...

Hi Aline ..I just found your blog and am enjoying it ...This story warmed my heart ..Dad was very good at making snowshoes .I am finding out many things about our past that I never knew .No body told us about our past .
I think that knowing our history is important in telling us who we are .In shool we were taught a history that was at best untrue . Looking forward to following along and learning more .thanks ..terry your cousin

alineskee said...

Hi Terry, thanks, glad you like my blogs, and I think it is very important for us to know who we are, where we came from and all the in betweens we can find.