Sunday, October 11, 2009

What was something nice that happened?

Well I will repeat the same story as I posted a long while ago. I was doing research at the genealogy center one day a long while ago. I was sifting through land records and deeds, and Regis Brun who is a historian and a very nice man, asked me what I was looking for. I told him "My parents lived in Gallagher Ridge they told me, and in order for them to keep the land ,they had to clear so many acres, and my Dad and Mom did so. So I wanted some written proof of all this. Regis Brun looked at me and said, "what year would that have been?" I replied, I would say in the late 1930s. He replied , well we have an old movie taken around that time, and we cannot identify the people in it. Would you look at it? I said "sure but I doubt if I will recognize anyone. So Regis Brun and Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc took me in the back room and Ronnie set up the movie for me to watch. Well when I saw these faces, some of them looked so familiar to me. And there was this young woman, I thought was beautiful. Anyway I said , I don't recognize anyone but my Mom might. And while we looked at the movie, there was this cow at the window of a log cabin. We all laughed at seeing it. Before I continue, when I told Mom about the movie and the location, I had not mentioned the cow, she said to me, we were the only ones there with a cow, and that cow would come to our bedroom window and mooo, and Dad would say 'she's calling me, gotta get up.". Anyway Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc came with me and we picked up Mom and my brother, and back to the genealogy center we went. Well ! My Mom has a very good memory , at the time she was around 85 and she started naming some of the people, the old lady was my father's grandmother, and the beautiful lady that I first notice was my Mom, around the age of 17 , can you imagine the feeling I got when I seen her walking in the movie? And then there was this man, that we saw briefly, it was my Dad he was around 21 years old.
The best thing that happened was that Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc and Regis Brun had the movie transferred to a DVD and they gave it to me, who in turned had a copy done for all my brothers and sisters. So I will always remember Regis Brun and Ronnie Gilles for giving me such a treasure. My parents in a movie long before I was born.
Have a great day everyone
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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