Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tonight there will be ghosts and goblins everywhere. So before I begin my story, please drive safely tonight, the kids sometimes dart in front of you to hurry to get to the house across the street. Some have hard time seeing with their masks. I personally believe masks should be avoided and do a face painting. It is safer. I mean to trick or treat. At parties , masks are fine.
Now my mind is going back to some Halloween's fun I had when I was younger.
I remember wearing my father's clothes and leaving home with a pillow case. We were usually three or four of us and no matter what the weather was like, it was exciting going to houses that we knew the folks and they not knowing us. We would walk and it seemed like forever. Oh let's go there, there are other children there and they are giving out something. Oh it's fudge! I love fudge. ( the fudge never made it back home I ate it along the way). By the time I got back home, my pillow case was full. We had tons of apples but today I am leary of the apples, there are some unsavory characters out there these days. It was safe back in my time, today it isn't. That is a shame because Halloween was for the children to enjoy and a lot of it has been taken away. When my son was growing up, I went out with him, he was older when he went on his own.
I think the parents going out with their children is also a good thing.
Now I want to share a story and I may have told it before, it is about my late husband Gerry.
He was a good sport and one Halloween we decided to go to a Halloween party at our local club, we used to go there often with our group of friends. So Gerry got dressed up like a hockey player, picture it, he was a small man. At the door, someone said " I think I know that person, there is something about him but they did not say who they thought it was. So it came time to be judged and Gerry and I pranced around that floor, walk, walk, walk, all of a sudden Gerry stops, takes out his hankie (back then there were no Kleenex) and he blows his nose. All of a sudden the ENTIRE hall yells "GERRYYYYY) , grin. That was something you would always see Gerry do is blow his nose. We sure got a laugh that time.
Aww Memories are great. I remember another Halloween we got dressed up as Cave people, we were two couples, and we went to a second hand shop, bought some old fur coats, and my friend sewed the costumes we got some long wigs, a plastic bat, buck teeth and we all looked great, we had a good time that night and one of our party won for the funniest costume or best one, I am not sure. Last night we stopped in at a dance and some were dressed up and how I longed to be one of them, it is the kid in us I guess. I do hope you all have a great time tonight.
Happy Halloween Everyone

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