Saturday, October 24, 2009

Acadian Pierre

I want to share this little poem I came across in a book I found at a used store. The book is New Brunswick Stories ,it used to be a school book I believe. Hope you enjoy this little poem.
Pierre was a young Acadian lad,
He was ot very good ,and not very bad.
A little like you; but he was alive
In sixteen hundred and nine-five,
Poor Pierre
Perhaps his home was in Miramichi,
Nepisiguit,or Shepody;
I'm not quite sure, but this is true;
He hadn't a home like you-- or you,
Poor Pierre
There was never ice-cream on his plate,
He hadn't a ski or a roller skate:
He didn't drop in at a movie show---
there was no such place in the world to go
Poor Pierre
But Piere had an old, old Indian friend,
Who showed him the kind of wood to bend
And bind, and lace with deer-hide strips:
So he made snowshoes for wintry trips.
Clever Pierre
And Pierre could paddle a bark canoe,
All alone, like the Indians do;
And he knew the birds and trees by name,
And animal tracks, and stalking game
Wise Pierre
And Pierre was as happy as any lad,
With all the wonderful things he had.
In sixteen hundred and ninety five
He was one of the happiest boy alive.
Lucky Pierre
I couldn't let this little poem slip by without sharing it with all of you. Now this would be nice to read to your children or grandchildren, maybe as a bedtime story? There is no author to this poem but whoever he was, I am very impressed, and the book mentions Jessie I Lawson and Jean MacCallum Sweet and the book was for use in schools.So possibly they were the authors of the books, I wonder if they were the authors of the little poems too?
Now changing the subject, I am working at adding more names to a cemetery on my website. A friend has sent me a DVD with lots of tombstones, so since I am doing this by myself it takes me a while to copy the names on all the stones with the dates and then alphabetilize them on my website.
I will keep you posted when I am finished. I still have more names to add to my Chartersville Cemetery, again another project to do and these take time to do.
My genealogy group is going very well, we have folks from all over as members, some from Louisiana, USA,Canada,England, so if any of you would like to join us you can come to petiteacadienne URL on the sidebar and I shall invite you to our main group from there. We are a friendly group which I intend on keeping it so, and they are all ready and willing to help others if and when they can.
Thank you for the lovely visit
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Norma Arsenault Doucette said...

Hi Aline, Loved this story...we just returned from our trip and would love to be reconnected with you all. Thank You..

Norma Arsenault Doucette

alineskee said...

Hi Norma, welcome back , now did we just stop the messages on my group? Need your email if you left.
I will reinvite you.