Saturday, October 17, 2009

On a Mission

Well this morning we awoke around eight oclock, we had something so very important to.
What does the weather say? Overcast, oh no! We don't want rain today.
The plan was to go to Mom's and leave from there for our Mission. I live a few doors over so it didn't take us long to go. We were to meet around ten o'clock. Oh here comes one of my sisters, and a brother. My youngest sister phoned, she will meet us there. That is good. Now two more brothers to go. Oh another one is meeting us there also. One more brother to go and we can go on our Mission. We phoned and he is going to pick up one of my brothers, Mom is driving with us. We are all set to leave. We put Mom's walker in my brother's truck and Mom in my car.
So off we went. The leaves on the trees were beautiful colors as we drove . Some orange, yellow mixed with the greens. Lovely scenery. And so far, still no rain. That is fine. I hope my brother remembered to take the shovel and a measuring tape. Oh Mom said he had them in his truck. Whew. Arriving at our destination, I noticed my youngest sister already there, and there is another brother. That is great. So we all arrived a few minutes behind each other.
So now Mom decided she wanted to walk without her walker, so I walked beside her so she would not lose her balance . The grass was nice and green, and walking along a path, on each side of the path were tombstones, some white crosses, some black tombstones, even saw some crosses my grandfather made so very long ago. Finally we all arrived at our destination.
My brother began digging a hole , we needed it a little over four inches deep, and then he laid some gravel on the bottom . Our mission was nearly done. We laid a lovely placque down in the hole, took many photos ,cleaned the stone off. We laid a stone down for my Dad and seeing he is buried with his grandparents who both had no stones, we had their names added on the stone.
After we were done and took our photos, all my siblings, Mom and myself, it began to sprinkle a little bit and we said. There Dad is cleaning off his stone. A very nice feeling for all of us.
Dad waited five years for this. Mission Accomplished.
Have a great day


Lori E said...

I love that they all came too. Sometimes these things are just done by one or two family members. You sound like a close knit group.
Your dad must be pleased.

alineskee said...

Lori we felt it was important for all of us to be there, Mom is 91 and she was front and center grin.
It puts a closure on things, not having a stone on his grave was really gnawing at me. Now I personally feel so very good , so does my family.