Monday, October 26, 2009

Soldiers who died and more

Hello everyone, first of all as you know Remembrance Day is drawing near and on that day we should all remember the men and women who gave their lives or fought in the wars for their country. I have been sent some cemtery photos for Gardner Massachussetts, which I have a lot to add on my website, but I decided to separate the soldiers on my page this time. So I have added all the ones I have so far on my Gardner MA cemetery page. Some were in the the two wars ,some in Vietnam ,and Korea. Some received medals, there is one who received the purple heart. So please check them out on my website at .
Now changing the subject, have you ever wondered why you cannot find a certain son of daughter of some of your ancestors? Well last week I was contacted by a lady out west who came across my website and found her great grandfather Onesime's obituary. Now her grandfather ,the son of Onesime did not stay in New Brunswick, he first went to the USA ,then he did like many young men did, he went out west. He stopped in Ontario, married twice and had a big family. This lady who shared all this with me, sent me some photos of her grandfather and of her great great grandparents. Onesime Gautreau and Bibienne Bourque. I was curious to know more, so I checked and found Onesime had a son Amedee, a daughter Melande and Wilfred, I came across a marriage of an Onesime son of Onesime and Bibienne marrying in St Paul but I haven't found his birth so far. But what I really wanted to say was that we lose track of people, because they move, or go where the work is. This lady shared with me stories about her father being a journalist and he wrote articles in various newspapers. Her grandfather worked for the railroad . All nice little tidbits to have. And to end this, there are two of her lines who branches into mine, a Cormier and a Landry line that I have found so far.
Now I would also like to add something about my website that I forgot to mention,I have a little support my site sign ,with a little pig , you click on the writing not on the pig and I in turn give you a gift . This is not an obligation it is a choice.
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