Friday, July 31, 2009

Another reason why

In today's newspaper there is an article, about a man who lives in England, and while he was going through his father's stuff ,he came across a photo album he had never seen before. It was his father's album of when he was in the air force and at one time he was stationed in Moncton.
His son seen all these photos and names and he decided to contact the Library who told him to contact the newspaper. This album had pictures taken during World War 11 and the son who has never been to Moncton is coming down with his album to share with people from down here, probably some relatives of some who were on the photos. And it will be the first time the son ever comes to Moncton.This was a very interesting story because a person never knows what stories can be found in photos. And when we find photos among the belongings of our ancestors and there are notes or names, and they are not related to us but probably friends of our ancestors, it would be so nice if we could get these photos to the descendants of the people in the photos.Even if there are no names on these photos, donate them to archives or museums. One hundred years from now, someone may say " My look at the way they dressed!". Or "the same style is coming back." Look at the way she had her hair, look at the kinds of shoes they had on.
If you find old photos among your grandparents or even if you come across Old Photos at yard sale, pick them up and if you don't want them ,donate them. This is so very important.
I keep looking for old photos just in case there were some of my great grandparents or great great grandparent. What a find that would be for me. On my father's side "Williams" they did not take too many photos, so there may be someone out there with photos of Jake Williams and his kids, pictures that I would love to have copies of. Jake Williams lived in Moncton and in Notre Dame. Also Amand a Denis Cormier from Sainte Marie in New Brunswick, got married three times, and it would be nice to have photos of his kids. My grandmother was from the last wife. Maybe one day some photos will turn up. That is sort of why I first started Old Photos of New Brunswick on Facebook hoping someone would post a photo that I want, but now I have this group to share any old photos of New Brunswick with others.
Changing the subject, I am on my last page telling you about our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion we had a couple of weeks ago. I have also added some folks who came in my photo gallery on there will be more photos added.
So now it is time for me to go (you know where!). Yes the big TH (Tim Hortons).
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Lori E said...

Aline, I am always heartbroken to see wonderful photos or bibles for sale to complete strangers.
When I had the time I would go on ebay and hunt down the family members who may be searching for a particular family who's bible was for auction. I would let them know it was for sale and that I had nothing to do with that sale.
One fellow went on only to find out it was his cousin bidding on the family bible.

alineskee said...

Lori so do I feel bad to see old photos and even old documents go to strangers. It is a shame that some folks are not interested in this in the least bit. Little do they know that one day years from now, maybe some of their descendants would be.