Thursday, July 09, 2009

Soldier's Cove, photo, and rowboat

Hello everyone, well first of all I would like to mention that I found the family name of the photo from Soldier's Cove since I posted it. They were a McDonald or MacDonald family from Soldier's Cove. I hope by sharing this , that someone out there may recognized them.
I think I have already told you the story passed down to me from my Mom about Soldier's Cove, but I have new followers so I shall tell the story again.
When Mom was around 10 years old maybe 11, her father moved the family to Soldier's Cove where he had found work as a saw filer . Mom remembers a mill and behind the mill was a river.
And Mom and two of her brothers one nickamed Ti-Ti and the other Dee_Dee. Dee-Dee was the youngest and he was alway getting into some mischief or trouble, and because he had a crippled arm he usually always got away with it. Anyway Mom said this time, the three of them were by the river and Dee-Dee got on this log ,(probably imagining it was a boat) and all of a sudden he began drifting towards the channel,(the deepest part of the river) when Mom and Ti-Ti noticed him, he had drifted quite a ways out, so Mom said there was this old rowboat on the side of the river so they both jumped in and they noticed it was leaking , so Ti_Ti rowed the boat and Mom bailed the water out with a can she said. Can you imagine seeing this in your mind?
They reached Dee-Dee and got him back into the boat and back to shore.
I have written this story down and put it in a book I made for my grandaughter along with other stories of when Mom was a little girl. Do you have any little stories about your parents or grandparents such as this one? Why don't you take time and write it down, try to name where it happened, and when it did, who were the people and so on. If you want to, make it similar to a diary, everyday if you remember something write it down. One day maybe not today or tomorrow but one day someone somewhere will enjoy finding and reading this diary or notebook of yours.
On another note, I just colored my hair , suppose to be medium brown, sob sob it looks black. Tomorrow I go get some streaks put in, I just might look something like a skunk. grin.
Have a great day and thanks for the visit.


Lori E said...

I am so chicken I would let my hair be gray rather than try it myself.
This is a great story and I do have a few I could tell. I will have to get on that.

alineskee said...

Lori,after the streaks , hair turned out ok, but it was so dark before, thought I was fifty years younger, grin.

Unknown said...

That's interesting about the McDonalds. My grandmother's maiden name is McDonald (before her time, the name was spelled MacDonald). Her ancestors settled in the Carolinas; however, I've noticed distant McDonald cousins from all around, including Canada.

And I agree with what you said about writing down the stories. They're very valuable, and in my experience, usually the best source for accurate information.

My grandmother's great-great-great grandmother always said that she was a direct descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots. Of course, the family took her word as law, because she herself was a Stuart. It wasn't until I started researching our genealogy that I proved she was correct.

Plus, we have other old stories...anecdotes dating back to the days of the Civil War from both sides. And I'm going to write them down, because as it is, I'm the youngest person who remembers them. If I don't, I really don't count on my younger sisters and nephew being very interested. lol