Monday, July 27, 2009

In Memory of Gerry

The wonderful man in this photo is Gerry, and this was taken after we announced we were getting married. I remember he was dressed in a white sport coat and a pair of black pants. And I remember Mom was hanging clothes out back on the clothes line and he said to Mom "We're getting married". That is all he said.
He was a confirmed bachelor at the time, I bet many girls tried to win his heart, but guess what? I did. We got married and were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and I remember how proud he was of our son . From the time our son was a baby until the time he was a man. Gerry was so very proud of him. I remember him playing with our son for hours, on the floor with a train set or a truck. He loved our son and I know he loved me.
Gerry was a hard working man, he took his electrical trade before he met me and he worked for Acadia Electric, then he worked for CNR railway. He worked there for 28 years then he took an early retirement, but that didn't stop him from working. He worked on so many stoves, dryers, and anything that would require an electrician. He was known to be a very good electrician.
Our son who was like his dad a confirmed bachelor took the plunge and married. They blessed Gerry and I with a beautiful grandaughter ,Gerry loved her so very much. I remember he used to tease her and call her "Bad Cat". She would look at him, smile and call him a "Big Indian".
Then we were blessed with a grandson , well I can still see the glow on Gerry's face when first of all our son called us" we were taking care of our grandaughter" and he said "it's a boy".
Gerry was as proud as could be. For a little over four years ,Gerry enjoyed the grandchildren and loved seeing our son and daughter in law arrive with them. The reason I am saying the four years, is because in 1995 Gerry was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. He got worse and worse as the years went by. ( for all of you out there who have love ones with this awful disease, I know what you are going through). So on July 27 1999 ten years ago, God came and took Gerry home.
Today is the anniversary of his death, the weather is calling for rain, I am going to try and get to the cemetery. Gerry; If you can see me, or hear me, rest in peace.
Love always
Aline, John,Joanne,Tina,David and a new addition


Lori E said...

What sweet memories of Gerry you have. One of the best things is life is to know you were loved. That goes for the kids and grandkids too.

geneabloggers said...


What a wonderful tribute to Gerry - very well written and I think you did a great job at conveying what good man Gerry was.

Anonymous said...

Aline, thank you, for sharing this beautiful story of you and Gerry. I can see you were very much in love and I know Gerry, is up in heaven, watching down on you in spirit. You have these wonderful memories to hold onto.
God bless you