Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Come to the Acadian CMA2009

And why should you come to the CMA2009? Well first of all, you will meet old friends and make new friends along the way. You will be able to chat about genealogy, and family, and different cultures. You will meet Cajuns and if you are Cajun you will meet Acadians . There will be people from all over the world. All gathering in Northern New Brunswick for weeks of fun and laughter.
You will be able to listen to talented singers and muscians, you will hear cajun music, acadian music. Singers like Zacharie Richard and Edith Butler and others will perform on stage.
There will be tours, there will be booths with people selling souvenirs and different foods.
And on August 15th is going to be a great day, first of all around 11 am, if you are in the area come meet us near the Carrefour de Mer in Caraquet. We will be wearing yellow, get a yellow hat and come meet us. And also on Acadian Day Aug.15 there will be a tintamarre (parade) in Caraquet and I can imagine the people who will be marching in it with all their Acadian and Cajun colors, a sight to behold. Then a big stage show in Caraquet where I am hoping to be sitting close by to see Zacharie Richard and Edith Butler perform. The excitement is mounting, and the day will soon be here for us to leave to go.
I have already met a couple from Louisiana who are on their way to the CMA today , what a lovely couple and we are meeting them again in Pokemouche. They are coming to meet us at the Carrefour if possible. So I really hope to meet a lot of online friends. See you there.
On another note and still talking about reunions, our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion in Fredericton was a success. On our last day, we had a tree planting ceremony on the grounds of the home of the Lieutenant_Governor of New Brunswick who also had a reception at his house for us. What an honor for all who participated. So is that all there is for the Bergeron-Damboise reunion? I doubt it because some are already asking when is the next Bergeron-Damboise reunion? And some think that Louisiana would be a great place to have it. I would also like to see it being held in Quebec, if not for the next reunion ,then the next one after that should be in Quebec. And wouldn't it be fitting to have it in Montreal where Barthelemy had his bakery? Hmmm. Something to think about.
We have had a few days of nice weather, sure hope it stays that way for the CMA.
Thanks for stopping by and for listening.
Have a great day


Unknown said...

I attended the first CMA in 1994 in New Brunswick, Canada and the second in Louisiana in 1999. I attended the Hebert and Daigle reunions at both. As we say in LA, "We passed a good time, cher". I still remember the Canada event. Everywhere you drove, there were signs in yards with Family surnames, decorated with bright ribbons. Eveyone was proud of their heritage and so welcoming. I remember the huge Mass on August 15 and the concert that was said to be the Acadian equivalent of Woodstock! I am not able to come back, but still have fond memories of that trip. I hope many folks from LA and the world do attend. It is a great time. Maybe LA will get to host it again in the future.

alineskee said...

Kathi, I hope Louisiana has the next CMA, I have never been there, but just met a couple from Louisiana a few days ago, and it felt as if we had know each other Maybe one day we will meet at one of the CMAs.

Anonymous said...

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alineskee said...

Thanks Vince ,glad you like my blogs, by hearing from my readers it encourages me to keep on going.
Have a great day