Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another day has gone by and I now have time to sit down and have a chat with you.I don't know if everyone is the same when it comes to some things, but I am a person who tries to do everything all at once. Now I have to pay the piper. grin. I am doing a genealogy page on one of my ancestors and I was doing a page on a census, so I was bouncing from one page to another and guess what? I did something to my genealogy page and poof it was all gone. sigh. My webhost was so helpful, but again I wasn't thinking so they restored my page, but I asked them to restore to the wrong time and I still do not have it all back. So now I need to do this differently, I will have to save my work and then add it to my pages.
My genealogy page that I am doing, is not your normal kind I guess, I want to make it look like a story instead of only it being Joe was the son of Jeremiah, who was the son of Peter. But if I said Joe was a butcher and his father Jeremiah owned the store and Jeremiah got the store from his father Peter, does that not sound better than Joe son of Jeremiah etc? grin. When it is finished I will let you know so you can read it. I have always loved to incorporate stories into my genealogy. I was looking at my Cormier book that I passed on to my son, I borrowed it again to add some info to my software, and I was reading the following entry: When we lived in Lewisville and I was a little baby, my mother told me that our house was so cold in the winter because the walls were not finished. She would bundle us kids real tight at night time.One night Mom found me in my crib crying and she could not figure out why I was crying so much but then she noticed my foot was uncovered and all swollen, so she took me to the doctor right away and he had to punch a little hole in my ankle to relieve the swelling. Mom told me the blankets on her bed was covered in ice when she and Dad awoke the following morning. BRRR sure must have been cold." .These are the kinds of entries I have in my books. So I would suggest to everyone of you to do your genealogy, verify your sources, and then add what you heard about them, what you now know about them. I opened the book at my son's house and my grandson said memere Mom never read that book to me, so I opened the book and by coincidence it was something I had written about him coming to memere's house to visit, and memere had kissed his sister bye and he was in the back seat and memere noticed he had a big smile (he was a baby) so memere began giving him his goodbye kiss. My grandson seemed pleased that I had written something about him he is now 10 years old. I said memere has lots more about you in the book , get Dad to read to you sometimes. I am so proud that I began writing these things, I began in 1976 so my book is thick, then I have a book on my paternal side and one on my maternal side that I did the same thing. Enough for now, thank you for the visit. Come again
Have a great day

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