Sunday, March 18, 2007

Can you imagine if our ancestors could open their eyes and see all the marvellous things that has evolved since they left us? Long ago they travelled long distances on foot, then came horses and wagons, and then came automobiles and trains and planes. But how would they feel about the space rockets? How would they have felt when man first took that step on the moon?
The women washed their clothes in rivers and streams, had to iron the clothes, starch them, now if they could see our automatic washers and dryers they would be in awe don't you think? What about entertainment? They probably had their own form of entertainment, music, singing, then came the radio oh that must have been someting, I remember my late husband telling me that they used to all gather at this certain house to listen to the radio when he was a young boy. Now we have CD's. DVD's, Television, and not just a black and white 13 inch television but a 52 inch television that nearly covers one wall.
If they could open their eyes and see the computers and all its wonders, how would they react?
Years and years from now probably our descendents will be saying the same thing, what if?
Speaking of the internet, I am so pleased with a lot of stuff out there, of course there is accurate information and some not so accurate, so a person cannot believe every every thing they read, they must verify to make certain that it is true and accurate. Now the latest news is that the Drouin books will soon be online ,Ancestry has begun adding them. So if you have any ancestors who were in the province of Quebec and having a hard time finding them, I would suggest checking the Drouin Books. I have found a birth of a man that I wasnt sure existed, but I found his birth in Quebec and my great uncle once told me that there was this Joseph who died on PEI around the age of 30. I thought at the time my great uncle was in his 90's and maybe he had made a mistake. But nope he was right on the nose with the info. It is a great feeling to be able to see with our own eyes a birth of a great great grandparent or a marriage of one.
On another note, when I my late husband became ill in 1995, I was at home all the time, so I began by cutting out the obits from our daily newspaper, and paste them in a scrapbook, I did the entire 1997, and some from 1995 and I am seriously thinking of taking them to our genealogy center so that perhaps some obits may be of use to some of the researchers, I will decide if and when, but I think it would be a great idea.
Thank you for listening, and have a great day

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