Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To begin today's blog, I would like to wish a friend of mine way out there in Scotland ,a very happy birthday. These folks have been my friends since I first came online, that was many years ago. Today is also one of my brother's birthday.
Well I have been a busy gal these last few days. I have added another page to my genealogy site. I extracted some marriages from the Saulnierville parish records on microfilm. It is always nice to be able to find information online to help in our research. Although everything out there is not 100 percent accurate. I am sure I have made many mistakes, with a simple date, or a year , so that is why I always tell my members always veryify the sources. I sometimes am guilty of not putting down my sources, that is a habit of mine. I just take it for granted that I went to the genealogy center and there it was , but I don't realize that you out there do not know where I get my information, for all you know I could have gotten it offline. So I am hoping to smarten up and jot down my sources.
Now on my page I wanted a photo to go along with my records, so I asked around for a photo, since we cannot just go take a photo online without permission, so a member of mine sent me a photo then I decided to write to the diocese and lo and behold, I received permission to add the photo. I find photos and music really enhances my pages.
You should have seen the site I had before this one, looking back now, boy it was messy, so many icons, and my music was not appropriate, now I have had a great teacher in guiding me to a better website. I am very proud of my website, and I hope to keep on improving to making it grow. I am always open to suggestions and new ideas on bettering my site.
So now my coffee break is over. grin
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by

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