Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello again, so nice of you to drop by . Well first of all I must ask you if you have seen the new Nova Scotia website, If you haven't and if you have ancestors from Nova Scotia, you can do a search for birth marriages and deaths. I have gone and searched and I think if you do you will be pleased. I do hope you find your ancestors during your search.
Speaking of ancestors, guess what? I have found another long lost cousin, well he really found me. Our great grandfathers were brothers, so now the photo exchange is on again. I need to dig out my album, grin. Did you know sometimes distant relatives can resemble your family? My new found cousin reminds me of someone in my family, I haven't figured out who yet. smile.
I sure wish I could connect with my Chate line in Deptford England. All I have so far is one generation back in England. I can keep on hoping that I find more one day. If any of you who are reading my blog come across any Chates in deptford England please do not forget that I am looking for them. My Abraham Chate dit Chase was born 1795 son of Abraham Chate and Ann Rose he came to Canada around 1818 or so. I believe he had a brother Charles and a sister born in deptford. I tried to find the death of Abraham and Ann but no luck so far. I am not giving up, just waiting for a clue.
Well enough for today,
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