Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello everyone , well it has been a while since I posted, so here I am again. Today I went to Prince Edward Island and would you believe first of all crossing the bridge, the wind gusts were moving the van, and when I arrived on the Island they had snow, blowing snow, and cold. It was a cold that went right through you. When we returned on New Brunswick's side, no snow, hardly no wind. It sure was nice being home again. While I was near Summerside, I though gee if I were here for any lenghth of time in the near future there are lots and lots of cemeteries to go into, to copy the tombstones I mean, not to stay . smile.
I have been working on my website, I am in the process of adding my Godin dit Bellefontaine line and also I went to the genealogy center and extracted more marriages , but I am thinking of merging my marriages with a nearby village. So far I have only 25 couples done.
When my late husband became ill with Alzheimers I took care of him at home, and when I had time on my hand I wanted to do something to keep my mind occupied so I began a project of cutting out the obits from the newspapers and gluing them in a scrapbook, I did the complete 1997, some 1992 and 1995s, and when I decided to go to the genealogy center, I also decided to donate all the obits to the genealogy center which I did and I am happy that maybe someone will go look and find their ancestors in something that I did.
I think I told you I met another distant cousin, we exchanged photos documents and stories. So now I have two new cousins, and I hope to meet many more. I love hearing or reading stories regarding my ancestors. Their way of life, their good deeds. I am interested in my paternal lines also since my cousins are on my maternal lines. So if anyone of you reading this descend from either Thomas Williams dit Bristol and Marie Surette or Elie Williams dit Bristol and Adelaide Lirette and would like to share information and photos I sure hope you will contact me. I have already mentioned I am also looking for descendants of Jean Francois Bergeron dit D'Amboise and Rose Soucy from L'Isle Verte Quebec. You can always reach me by adding a comment or via my website
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