Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today I will share a bit of my memories with you, to begin with I was talking to my son this morning, and I told him I was very proud of him, which I really am. He is just like his dad was , a hard little worker. He is a very good family man, having two children who he adores. I know he would go through fire for his kids. He is so much like his father, soft , easy going, everything is ok as far as he is concerned.
So today he was telling me he had done some repairs around his home, I think he wanted my approval, which I replied, if your Dad would be here he would be so proud of you and I said because I am. Then I continued " Although we nearly traded you for a little indian when you were small but we changed our minds. He laughed and said yes Mom I remember seeing those arrows along the road and highways and Dad saying that. That is true,back then we did not have seat belts and my son was standing between me and his dad, and he just leaned over to face his dad and said nooooooooooooooooooooooo Dada. I don't want you to trade me. haha.
Thinking back, and NO Seatbelts, boy that was dangerous. I am so glad we need seatbelts now.
I have so many nice memories of when my son was small, I remember he was around three or so and we lived on a main road and there was lots of traffic, I had put him outdoors in the back yard, in a split second he was gone, I looked in the road and there was my son with his little toy broom in the middle of the road he wanted to sweep the floor. Well I brought him back home, and I went out and got a little child harness and when I was not with him, he was wearing his little harness. I remember one time, my late husband and I decided to take a trip to nowhere that is what we called our trips, so this paticular time we were going towards Montreal, arriving there I said to my son we should go see your aunt in Sudbury, so my son age around 4 started asking his dad to go to Sudbury, so we headed that way, but shortly after entering Ontario, our universal joint let go on our old station wagon, so we spent all day at a garage. So arriving in sudbury we did not want to tell them that the car broke down,we didn't have to, my son said to his aunt and uncle, Dada's car broke down we went to a garage to fix it. haha. So much for keeping a secret huh?
Have a great day.

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