Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I have been reading many things online about the acadians, and I hadn't done so before. If you are into reading about them , there are lots of great books out there. Regis Brun has a book on " The acadiens before 17 55, John Mack Faragher has a book on A great and Noble Scheme. We have some great writers of Acadian Books and Acadian Genealogy, to mention a few we have Stephen White who wrote the great genealogy book Dictionaire Genealogique des familles Acadiennes, if you are into genealogy these two volume set are a must, Paul Delaney has written about the exiled acadians who were deported to Georgia and elsewhere, he also wrote a great article on The Bergeron dit D'amboise and ancestors.If you have ancestors in the yarmouth area, Father Clarence D'entremont wrote a series of stories, there are one hundred of them online, and very interesting to read.
I am always looking for little tidbits regarding my ancestors, at the moment I am trying to look into court cases to find records of when my maternal grandfather burned my paternal grandfather's barn because he was angry that my father eloped with my mother, since she was very young, later the priest remarried my parents. But you see I have this info in my book, more stories for my grandkids and great grandkids if I am lucky enough to have any.
Many of you into genealogy may be unable to find some of your ancestors, could they have been in prison? Could they have been a patient in a hospital? Could they have been lost at sea? There is only one way to find out, dig dig dig.
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