Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well I will share Acadian Day with you.
Tuesday evening around 545 pm I went to Bouctouche for Acadian day. Arriving there we had missed he tantramare, so we did not know where the music was playing. There was this lady dressed in Acadian costume sitting in her car. I said to her " Where is the band going to play?" She replied "oh they are playing at Le Pays De La Sagouine , and the bands have been playing for a while". So off we went to the Pays De La Sagouine, I had never gone there. We went through the admitting place paid our fee and entered through the door to a board walk, it was quite a walk, but as we walked we looked across the water and we saw Bouctouche, it was nice to see. Arriving at the park, there were people everywhere, so we got as far as a stage and sat on the edge until someone offered us a chair, which I gladly took. They had numerous bands, the first one we heard were so good. They played lots of acadian songs, then the next band took over , they too were good, we never stayed for the third band, but as I was sittling on the stage, I looked at the crowd and what a nice site to see. The music was playing, the people were clapping to the music and rocking to and fro. They were all happy, and it was just like one big family. I am so proud to have been able to be among them.
They had over 3000 people there. In the year 2009 will be the Congres Mondial around Caraquet and if I am able I am going to try my best to attend. There will be Acadians from all over, Louisiana, the USA , maybe even England and France.
So maybe you should think about attending the joyful occasion.
Have a Great Day.

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