Thursday, August 24, 2006

Egad, what a day. Although it could always be worse. But on the other had it is so nice to have friends is it not?
I have finally took the big step and acquired my own Domain, and now I am trying to master creating my website. What is FTP? Well I found out that that is File Transfer Protocol, that is great (If I ever understand it).
Next HTML? Well I had delved into it a while back, no great result so a very nice lady has been giving me advice, suggestion and she even did my index page, or began it, what a big help that was.
She also told me to practice my html, so i decided to see what I could learn. I went to a website and viewed the source, wow, it was all in html. Now for background I found this , body background=" http://www dot dot .com/carolgebg3.gif ".
I think that it will take me somewhere. I am determined to try and master my website, I would have prefered the easy way with no html, but I was told once I master it I will be happy I have done so.
I have also have some of my members from my acadianroots club offer to help me, and I do appreciate it so.
So if any of you understand what I am talking about, and if you know a bit about websites, please say a little prayer so that I can create a great website on acadian genealogy.
Have a great day.

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