Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Have you even been at a point where you cannot think or have what they call a senior moment? Well guess what, I think I have reached it. grin. So I am on a blog that doesn't know which way it is going. I hope that I can keep you interested. I have four blogs to do. One on my space, one on zazzle and two on here.  Some are not as active as others. My most used one is this blog because I started this one to go along with my website. I was going to talk a lot about Acadians and genealogy but I think my readers would like to read other things too.
Now as you noticed I have recently been talking about my store and posting photos but I feel as if I am sufforcating everyone, seeing as many are not interested in my gallery  and again there are many who are interested, so I have decided to create another blog, which I have done so but I have not connected it anywhere so far. So now what am I going to do? Well if you look at my genealogy site at    you will notice how my site is set up, so I am now setting up another website on the same principle for my store. I intend on blogging there too . My website will be devoted to my store and other stores and I hope to have it created so it will be interesting to go there. I will keep you posted. But don't worry I will still be blogging here.
At the moment regarding genealogy I have been asked to do a two different family trees for someone, I am trying to go into details to make their books interesting, such as find the obituaries, finding some little stories and adding photos, I think this is much better than just writing John was a son of  Fred and Mable, he was born1500 and died in 1567. But if I say John was born in a little village on the outskirts of Manitoba  and at the age of 19 he married the neighbor Joe Smith's daughter and  they settled in Manitoba where John worked as a butcher and  he was called to active duty  etc etc etc.  When I did my family tree which I am always adding to when I come across something. I wrote that my great grandfather married in New Brunswick ,he went where there was work ,for a while they were in Nova Scotia then they went to Maine next they returned home. So as you can see this is much more interesting to read. For the ones of you who are into genealogy  maybe just beginning? As you hear stories or read stories about your ancestors write them down, you can always begin with your parents, how did they meet? Does your Mother remember how your Father proposed to her? I think I told you a few blogs ago, that my Dad sold his bike for three dollars and he paid for the licence and for Mom's wedding band with it. I find that so romantic. I am so sorry that I could not talk to my grandmothers when they were living, but back then i wasn't into genealogy, so if your grandparents  are living ,ask them questions, I am sure they would love to tell you things, as I have said many times "once they are gone, so are their memories". We need to keep their memories alive.
Now my blog turned out to be quite long huh? grin. So to end this, here is yours truly wearing one of her creations, don't look at the face look at the shirt. haha. you can find this tee shirt and others like it in my genealogy folder at*
If you cannot read what it says, it says "found some nuts in my family tree" .
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