Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a beautiful day

Hello everyone, well it is going to be a beautiful day, the sun is coming up and the weatherman says hot. We won't have too many of these hot days soon, it is already beginning to get cooler at night. Brrrr. Well I am pretty busy as usual, I am working on two family tree books for someone and I am hunting like crazy , for tidbits, dates, marriages, obits, and also for photos. I honestly believe that adding all these things sure makes for an interesting book. And especially if the person who is receiving the book sees photos in it that he has never seen before. So at the moment I am doing one family line and I have recently received a photo of a great grandfather, I am hoping that this person has never seen it before. I have also sent for some obituaries and there is one on the way. Once the first book is completed I will start the second book on a different surname.
Now that is not all that I am doing. I know many of you have checked out my website at    ,that is my website  for genealogy and tidbits and I wanted to have a website where I can show some of my products that I am creating and selling so I took the big step and decided to create a website exactly like my acadian roots site with a sidebar and everything, I have even added a blog there. But let me tell you it is a big job, I have a big part of it done already, I had to choose backgrounds that would show up my products which I did and add the titles and I am thinking of adding a little bit of music here and there. And in between my genealogy and my new website I need to create products, take care of my two groups  Williams dit Bristol group and Old Photos of New Brunswick groups on Facebook, plus my genealogy groups on yahoo and my Chat n Brag group on my family. And then I have to squeeze some time to take a break and go to my favorite coffee shop Tim Hortons. And yes I do my housework in between but let me tell you when I hit that pillow, don't ask me any questions because I am then Dead to the World. grin. Well I guess this is it for this time,if you haven't checked out my store (not my new website yet) go to*  ( Oh and I sold my first pair of Scottish Tartan Shoes yesterday) I was really pleased. And if you are on facebook and if you have Williams originally from Kent County and Westmorland County New Brunswick check out our group on Facebook and if you have old photos of New Brunswick, (places,people,building,etc) please join us on Facebook  or if you just want to look at them you are welcome. The image at the top is a postcard of a soldier dreaming of home. I believe this card was from World War 1, the image was.You can see more at my zazzle store. Thanks for the lovely visit,please stop by again.
Have a great day

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