Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acadian Day

Acadian day will soon be here. It is held on August 15 of every year. This is the time for all Acadian and anyone with Acadian Roots to celebrate. Get out your pots and pans,your horns, drums and anything that makes noise and join the Tintamarre. In the olden days a Chavarie was the name used for something similar. When a young couple married all the villagers would go to their door the night of their wedding and make all kinds of noise, the object of this was for the newly weds to invite them in. My Mom  told me that is what happened to her and my Dad. She never told me yet if they opened the doors to the neighbors or not. So back to the Tintamarre, it's a parade down a route with everyone making all sorts of noise. After the tintamarre which usually occurs around 6 pm or so, everyone gathers where the music is and they listen to music and party.
There are usually lots of beautiful costumes of blue, yellow ,red and whites. The music played is usually lively tap dancing music, with fiddles and accordions among the instruments.
And we cannot forget the variety of foods, poutine rappees, chicken fricot,and the famous and popular hot dog. grin. So if you know of any activities being held in your area to celebrate Acadian Day , make sure you drop by and enjoy the festivities. I am hoping to go to the Dieppe Celebrations ,if I do I intend on taking lots of photos.
Now changing the subject, you may have noticed I haven't blogged for a little while, the reason being I have created another blog to separate my allicor store from this blog and that is not all I have done or doing. I am creating another website for my store which I will tell you about later.
My new blog is on the right side of this page but I am not active in it so far, if you want to follow me please do so and  I shall tell you when I get blogging there . My new website will be set up similar to my  website.  I will give you all the url as soon as it is ready.
I also wanted to share a photo here today of me wearing my new Bingo shirt I created and I will be wearing it to the Bingo tomorrow night.
So have a great day, thanks for stopping by do drop in again.

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