Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother Told Me

Well a few days ago , I went to visit my Mom, and when I go I  usually ask her about her past,she is now 92 and her memory is unbelievable, oh she does repeat some same stories but just the same she is one amazing lady.
Anyway this paticular visit, I went in and she was reading the newspaper which she does every morning faithfully. Then she began talking ,she said her father was a jack of all trades and he was a teacher in Maine before he met my grandmother and when they married and had their family,Mom said he used to tutor them at home when he was there,because by then he travelled a lot seeking work. He used to file saws and axes.
Mom said she remembers that he used to read to them by the candlelight from a book by Robbie Burns. Yes the poet. Now this would be back in the mid 1920s.
Mom said her father thought education was very very important and he wanted his children to be educated. Now Mom said her mother (my grandmother )went to grade three in school  and her spelling was not good ,but she wanted to write to my grandfather when he was away, so Mom told me, my grandmother would sit by the candlelight and Mom would sit next to her and  Grandmother would ask Mom how to spell a certain word and Mom  helped her or if she made a mistake in spelling Mom would be by her side correcting her. Now I found this very interesting because it made me feel like I was there, it made me feel  good knowing about my grandparents, how they lived, if you are into genealogy or family trees you probably understand what I mean. Our ancestors were much more than names and dates, they were human like you and I, they lived, they loved, they cried, they laughed. So these  are things for us to know and cherish and pass down to our children and their children. If you have some relatives who can share stories like these, visit them, ask them questions,and write down all that you can find.
Now changing the subject, I created that Bingo Shirt above, I sort of like the poem that I changed the words to what I wanted to say. You can find that shirt in my tee shirt folder at*   I also want to say, I bought one of my  shirts I created, it is being shipped so when I get it (I hope it fits grin) I will wear it, and show you. Oh and I also created quite a few childrent-shirts with Nursery Rhymes on the front. I will probably add more, you can see those in my children folder.  I do hope you enjoyed today's blog and will stop by another day.
Have a great day

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