Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's happening in my world

Been sitting here trying to think about something to blog, sometimes my mind his a brick wall so I am going to just talk about this and that. First of all I am still working on our genealogy project on Trails of our Ancestors on Facebook, we did all the paternal side, now we are doing the maternal side which is all the women (not the men).
And my Williams dit Bristol group also on Facebook is growing, I have recently been in contact with a distant cousin and it is really exciting to know more about this family line. Many of the ancestors moved away and it is nice hearing where they moved to. Our acadianrootsclub genealogy group is still going strong, somedays we have a lot to discuss other times it is quiet.
I am still doing my Petit Francois storyline, this is a weekly article in the french Etoile paper and I translate it to english on my  website. Plus our Chat n Brag group on my family dot come is active, we are not that many members there but we are like one big family, we brag our families,we confort each other in need be, we post pictures and we are a friendly group.
And I have my gallery  that I work on everyday, you can see  some of my products at the very bottom of this blog or you can go visit my gallery at*  ,My gallery has been featured at the following site you have to subscribe to the newsletter but it is very interesting 
If you have a gallery I would suggest you subscribe for the newsletter and maybe your gallery may be featured in a  later issue.  Other sites have also been featured on her site.  My gallery and my acadian-roots website have also been featured in a Maine USA newsletter. This encourages me to keep on creating . Today I created the mousepad that you see here, also  did a hat, hooodie,shirt,sticker ,mug with the same image of the cat. This image was sent to me by one of my members who has given me permission to use the image on my products.Thank you Alan.
So if you are looking for invitations ,or greeting cards, postcards, gifts,shirts, ties, and I have even created some shoes for the ladies, men and children. These shoes are Keds Atletics shoes and are worn by many sport celebrities, not my creations, but I do hope you will take a look around, you will see a lot of variety in my allicor gallery.
Now I must say goodnight because it is close to midnight, so until next time, thanks for stopping by  and do drop in again.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the write up mate I really appreciate you take the time to help getting the word out. Your blog is amazing and so interesting to read I have really enjoyed reading it. Cheers Sketchart26

alineskee said...

you are very welcome Rose, remember to send me the write up and I will repost it.

Unknown said...

I will do Aline thanks mate