Friday, May 14, 2010

Trails of our Ancestors Update

Hello everyone, I would like to let you know that our genealogy project on Trails of our Ancestors is coming along great. We have found the direct line of  our winner of our draw. The winner of the draw was having his or her family line researched. We have traced her paternal line Caissie up to the first Caissie which was Roger Kuessy/Quessy,Caissie. (confused yet?) Now that we have the names of the direct Caissie line we will add stories and photos if we can for the winner .  Next we began tracing her maternal line . This was a little more work, because we traced the women in her maternal line, meaning her mother,grandmother,greatgrandmother, great great grandmother and so on,we finally got as far as we could go which led us to Marie Gaudet. Her father was Jean Gaudet and her mother unknown.  I had help doing this, and it was greatly appreciated, since this was our first such project and I wasn't sure how it was going to end. Were we going to hit a brickwall? I thought so at first, because her grandfather was adopted according to the census. But there was a clue in that same census, he was living with his adopted parents Gallants, and he was listed as a Caissie and his date of birth was listed. So off to find a birth record with the same date and name. Yippee ,found it, now to see how come he was adopted. Must find something on his parents, his father married twice, and I searched to see if there was a death recorded for his first wife. Yes found it, she died  two years before the Caissie was adopted. So now we found out the reason why he was adopted out. And from then on it was clear sailing.  You can see all that we did so far on Trails of our Ancestors group in Facebook. There are also photos  of some of the folks there. Now changing the subject, I have also been busy working on my store, I created the above mug last night ,also created a pair of ladies shoes, a beautiful all occasion invitation, a canvas print,a keychain,a binder and a mousepad with the same image. If you are interested you can visit my gallery at*  You will find a large assortment of different designs , I have some funny tee shirts, something with Scottish Tartans,Acadian and Cajuns products and much more.  I do hope ou have enjoyed todays blog and will stop by again. In the meantime do have a great day.

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