Saturday, May 22, 2010

Changes from the Past to Now

Last week two of my granchildren did their Confirmation which got me to thinking about how things have changed from the time of my youth.
When I did my first communion, it was  mandatory, the girls had to wear a white dress, a white veil, white stockings and white shoes as you can see in the picture on the right. And it was a beautiful ceremony, we all walked down the church's main aisle all the girls together, and then the boys dressed in little suits or sport coats and dress pants followed behind us. Today it isn't like that, the girls and boys wear their everyday clothes. For our confirmation it was the same thing we had to wear a white dress.The boys dressed in shirt and tie or sport coats and dress pants. I attended my grandchildren's confirmation as I said, and I was so very proud of them during this ceremony. I would have loved to see my grandaughter in a little white dress and veil. But times have changed
and we have to change with the times. Of course this can be said for my things that have changed. When the first wood stove came out, imagine what our great grandmothers thought ,or when the washing machines came out after our ancestors had been  washing their clothes on a scrub board and rinsing them in a tub by hand. We don't have to go back that far even, when the men would use a bucksaw to cut down trees and now they have chain saws.  I wonder what kinds of changes there will be fifty years from now,we won't see them but some of our descendants will. Will they say " If only grandmother Cormier could see this new gadget.She would be some pleased.
Now the image on the upper right is a first communion card I created, what a nice way to have the old tradition remembered, by giving such a card to your special little girl. You can find it in the greeting cards at*
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