Monday, May 03, 2010

Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered how in the world our ancestors lived way back when? Yesterday I went to the ER and I was sitting in the waiting room and thinking. Our ancestors didn't have hospitals. Today you go to the ER, they take a EEG test, they take your blood pressure your temperature,they whisk you off for Xrays for this and Cat Scans for that, finally the same day you get the results ."There is nothing wrong with you GO HOME" grin. But if our ancestors took sick what did they do? Well there was probably always someone nearby who knew all about herbs and remedies. So they were probably called in, and if they had a doctor in the village he would be called. It sure must have been hard for a doctor of healer to diagnose their illnesses. Back then they used the bark of certain trees,some home grown herbs or wild ones too. Today we hear that ginger root is good for this and cinnamon is good for that. Who told us that? Were these remedies from the times of our ancestors? If you read some history books you will read that the Acadians learned a lot for the Native Americans when they first arrived to their new homeland.The Native Americans taught them how to dress for the cold winter months and showed them some of their remedies. But if only our ancestors could open their eyes and see the heart surgery, the cures for TB or Diptheria or Rhematic Fever,or Scurvy, or all the diseases that took so many lives back then,they would never believe how far the scientist have come today.
Changing the subject, our Genealogy Project is coming along fine, we have the Title of our Project down to five titles, which will we choose? Not sure yet. We have quite a few volunteers who are going to help if they can, we have entries for our draw and looking for more. The name we draw will have  us try and trace two lines of his or her family tree, we are going to try and find some stories if we can. We are looking for someone with Acadian Roots for our first project or French Canadians, Cajuns have Acadian Roots so they qualify also. We will see how our first research goes and then we will see what the future hold. If you have Acadian Roots and you are interested in our draw, you can reach me on Facebook as Aline Cormier, or you can comment here or to to my website listed on the sidebar and please put Enter Draw in subject line.
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