Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Photos Important Advice

Well today I would like to talk about different things, well a few anyway. I recently discovered another distant relative, and through a friend I am receiving some old photos of other distant cousins, but that person has thrown out some photos he did not recognize. That is sad .
I say to all of you NEVER , NEVER throw out old photos,even if you do not know them, someone out there just might. If you have old photos and do not want them, send them to me, all I need to know is where this photo came from ,in whose possession was it in.
As you know many of our relatives moved from place to place in search of work, some went to the USA, others went out west and their pictures went with them.
When I did a Leger family a few years ago, I tracked some of the relatives to Saskatoon , and they sent me photos ,old photos at that, and can you imagine how excited the Legers were when they got them? I received an old photo from Australia a while back it was of a cousin of my ggrandmother. So again I stress this because it is important .
On another note , as you know I have a genealogy group called acadianrootsclub , it is by invite only , I changed it that way and now it cannot be undone, so in order to have members join I created another group called petiteacadienne and when someone goes there who want to join my main group I send them an invite, but I need to know who they are looking for , or a bit about themselves if possible. Anyway getting back to my story, yesterday I reached the 500 mark for members in my acadianrootsclub group . I am happy about that, I do not know if all 500 members are still there, but their names are.
And I would like to add this, if you are readers of P'tit Francois on my website at www.acadian-roots.com , I am going to stop the stories until after the summer,unless I have time to do some.
With all the reunions and CMA2009 plans, I am finding it a little hard to keep up with everything, I hope this doesn't dissappoint any of you, but I will resume the articles later on ok?
I need to translate yesterday's that I added and then I will stop until further notice.
Thank you for the visit, do stop by again.
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Lori E said...

So true. It is heartbreaking for me to see lovely old photos in the second hand shops.
I always tell people to use an acid free archival pen to label who is in the photos on the back.
Also a good place to have a look is on the Dead Fred website for pictures.

alineskee said...

Lori a very good suggestion about the acid free archival pen, now is the time to identify our own photos too. I must check that Dead Fred website.
Thanks Lori