Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congres Mondial ,CMA2009

As you know the CMA2009 is getting nearer. Now the excitement is growing. We opened our new tent a few days ago, since we bought it second hand and there were no instructions with it. But we succeeded at setting it up. Now we have to start a list of what to take with us for tenting and for ourselves. If you are in Caraquet ,we will be at the Colibri Campground. On August 15 (Acadian Day) at 11 am whoever wants to come meet us , we will be meeting at the Carrefour de Mer near the Wharf, we will be wearing yellow. So wear yellow so we will know you want to meet us ok?
Now the good part for Acadian Day, the celebrations are going to be held in Caraquet and from 830 pm on, they are going to have lots of music and singing. Some of the guests are going to be some of my favorites, Edith Butler and Zacharie Richard, I can't wait to see their performances, and the singers of the Acadian CMA Theme Song will also be there to sing. So Acadian Day at the CMA is something you don't want to miss.
We have registered for the Leger reunion already, and we are planning on going to the Cormier and Boudreau dances in the evenings. We will also attend something the Breau reunion is having, not sure what yet. Don't forget your sunscreen, your umbrellas, your hats, your cameras and bring plenty of batteries. Oh and if you have chairs bring those too.
Hope to see you at the CMA2009.
Have a great day

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