Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would our Ancestors think?

Have you ever wondered about the difference in the world around us today ,and what our ancestors would think if they too could see?
First of all, we have electricity, they had lanterns and lamps. I bet they would really appreciate turning on a switch instead of lighting a lamp or even a candle.
We have cars, they had horse and wagons,we have skidoos, they had horse and sleighs. How they would marvel at all the new inventions.
Our ancestors washed in the rivers and streams, and hung their clothes on trees and branches, we have automatic washers and dryers. Can you imagine our great great great grandmothers opening their eyes today and after all the hard work that they did, see a washer and dryer?
The men used axes and saws, to cut down their trees, it must have taken them a long time to cut one tree, today we have power saws, one zip and the tree is down.
Building a house back then took time, and a lot of hard work with their limited tools. Today in no time a house is all built because of all the new tools we have.
Back they had to plow their fields with a horse and them walking behind, it took them a long long time to get their soil ready for planting. Now today we have tractors and tillers, in no time we have our garden all sowed.
We can take a nice hot shower whenever we want to, our ancestors had no showers ,I bet you lots of time they bathe in the brooks, brrrr sure must have been cold sometimes.
These are things to think about and realize how lucky we are. And yes if our Ancestors could be here today they would marvel at all the new inventions.
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Lori E said...

Aline, I teach computers to Seniors in my community and I start out in the first class talking about exactly this.
I tell them to think about how many changes they have seen in their lifetimes already and how they mastered all these changes with some time and effort.
I then tell them they can learn the computers the same way. They have seen some of the most major changes in the world.
The difference between a horse and buggy and a car to the difference between a hand written letter and email. Wow. Different generation but amazing changes for their lives.

alineskee said...

Lori you have a good way to start your class off. Sometimes we take things for granted but if only we sit back and think of our ancestors so many years ago, and of us today. What a big change.
Probably 75 years from now, someone else will be thinking the same things. Aline