Sunday, June 14, 2009


A public meeting will be held on June 28 on the University of Moncton in the Taillon Building local 136 to continue with the formation of the Arsenault/Arseneau,Arceneaux, Arsoneau association. It will be held at 2 pm . There will also be a wine and cheese lunch.
Everyone one who are interested are invited.
As you also know the CMA is fast approaching, if you do not have accomodations yet, hurry before they are all taken. We have sent in our registration for the Leger families, still undecided which others we are attending.
If you are planning on being in Caraquet Aug.15, and would like to come introduce yourselves we will be at the Carrefour de Mer, on the grounds wearing yellow around 11 AM before the Acadian Day celebrations hope to see you there.
Our Bergeron-Damboise reunion is really coming along good. Things are falling into place, we are all getting excited as it nears. The Bergeron-Damboise Association has a website at .

I have added a few more names on my Chartersville Road Cemetery in Dieppe in case you want to check it out at I have lots more to add.
Just came back from PEI, had a nice time, the weather was great. Now it is coffee time.
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day

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