Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Family Reunions what are they?

What are family reunions? Well family reunion are a gathering of family members together . There are various reasons for reunions. Some are to celebrate a special milestone, for example Grandma and Grampa were married sixty years ago, and it is a good time to have all their descendants under one roof to celebrate. Mother is 100 years old, what a nice time to have a family reunion, think about all her descendants that she will see.
The CMA is holding an Acadian World Gathering in Northern New Brunswick Canada in August. That reunion will be a very big event, with all different family surnames holding their reunions at different times and places but all coinciding with the CMA. This is a must if you can make it .The different reunions will host different schedules of events. Some will have dances, others just music, or discussing genealogy ,and having a great time, meeting new friends.
So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by the CMA and join in on all the fun.
The Bergeron-Damboise Association is holding a reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick July 18 and 19th. I am the spokeman for them in New Brunswick.
We are going to try and make this reunion a great one with lots of good memories for the guests to take back home. But also along with our reunion we are going to do a good deed. All the food we have left from our lunch will be donated to the Fredericton Soup Kitchen, as a treat perhaps for the hungry.
So if there are any of you reading this blog and you want to donate any food for the soup kitchen, drop off your donation to the Sainte Anne Community Hall on Priestman Rd in Fredericton on July 19th after 930am and say it is for the Soup Kitchen.
We have received some donations for our reunion from some very nice folks, which I shall add on my website after our reunion is over. They will also be added on the Bergeron-Damboise website at
Myself ,personally, I am very excited about our reunion in Fredericton since I will be meeting many distant cousins from places such as Louisiana, Chicago,Vermont,Minnesota,New Hampshire,Massachussetts,Maine,Ontario,and Quebec and possibly more.
It should be a fun time. And I am also looking forward to the CMA, since we are going there for two weeks, we will be tenting, (I still haven't tried to set up my tent yet, I had better do so before we go grin) It is a new tent.
So we will be attending different reunions, the Legers, maybe Cormier and Boudreau, and taking in all the festivities. Also some of my online friends will be meeting us at the Carrefour de Mer on Acadian Day august 15. I am looking forward to that meeting. So this year, reunions are very important to me.
I only hope that the weather will remain very nice during our reunions.
Oh and before I forget, on July 19 at 11 am at the Sainte Anne de Pays Bas church on Priestman Rd in Fredericton there is going to be a mass said for the Bergeron-Damboise group but also it will be for descendants of the pioneers of Sainte Anne de Pays Bas, surnames such as Godin,Bellefontaine,Bellefeuille,Beausejour,Roy,Saindon,Landry,Dugas,Pare
so if you have ancestors that were in Sainte Anne de Pays Bas, come join us for the mass.
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