Friday, August 08, 2008

Petite Acadienne ,I thought the name was fitting even tho I am not 100 percent acadienne, I have english ,and I have some native american blood mixed in with my acadian blood. Why am I talking about petite acadienne? Well let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I decided to create a genealogy group for Acadians at first, seeing there were not very many acadian genealogy sites online, well not that I could find anyway. So I created acadianrootsclub group in yahoo. And I also had a website on geocities and I decided to create my own website with the help of others since I did not know HTML from THML grin but finally I got the hang of it and I am very proud of my acadian-roots website. I went into my geocities website not long ago, boy what a difference from my acadian-roots one, I have improved a lot. grin. Getting back to my story.My acadianroots genealogy group grew, I included cajuns because in my heart all Cajuns are Acadians and since I have many cajun members in my group and in my chat group also, I find we are so alike, our ways, our customs, our likes and dislikes, it is amazing that after so many generations apart we still have many same customs. Then I have french canadian blood in me also, so I wanted to include French Canadians in my group. Now it gets interesting haha, as my member numbers grew so did the spamming and so did the message board begin having messages I did not want there. Now I am a person who sometimes acts on impulse, meaning I do not think ,I just do so to avoid more problems that would discredit my group I decided to make it a private group by invite only, my group now contains 450 members or a few more and many were by invite only. But since I made my group private it is not seen by yahoo surfers, which it sort of dissappointing so I did the next best thing, I created a bus stop where I go pick up acadianrootsclub wanna be passengers. But before they can board my bus they need to tell me a bit about themselves, I also check the profiles if they are new profiles with nothing on them, they need to make sure that they are legitimate before boarding the second bus. So where is this bus stop? I am nearly finished my story, before I finish I do hope some of you just surfing in will be at the bus stop soon for an invite to my genealogy group, and to also add, I am very proud of genealogygroup members, they are very helpful if and when possible, sometimes brick walls are hard to tumble but other times they fall right down. The Bus Stop to go for a ride is called ,"yep" "Petite Acadienne" the url is
So stop on by and wait for the bus driver to pick you up. but seriously I do hope you got my message within this blog.
Now on another note, I am working hard for our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion to be held July18/19 2009 in Fredericton New Brunswick, now what am I doing for that? Well I have written to several places to find information to help our reunion, and we are quite a few already registered to attend, some are coming from Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, possible Maine and Mass etc, and from parts of Canada. Things are looking better every day, this reunion includes the surnames that married into this Bergeron -Damboise ancestor, Roys, Pare,Godin dit Bellefontaine etc. We have a group on googles where we discuss and plan and there are many of you who are not in yahoo nor googles groups so I created a group in MSN also for the Bergeron-Damboise reunion so you will have different places to join and we combine the two groups meaning the group in MSN is also connected to the group in googles, our group in googles has also formed a Bergeron-Damboise Association if you are interested go to the googles group.The following is the url to the Bergeron-Damboise group in MSN

So as you can see I am keeping myself pretty busy lately. Now that I have talked your ears off I am off to take a break and guess where I am going? Tim Hortons
Coffee Shop (here I come). grin. Thanks for the visit I do hope you will join one of the above groups, have a great day.

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