Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work, work work, a woman's work is never done. Now many of you must remember washers like the one on the photo. I remember, Mom had one of those, and she used to take two chairs put them facing each other and sit a galvanized tub on them , fill the tub with water and then she would take the washed clothes from the washer, pass them through the wringers at the top and the clothes would drop in the tub. Then she would rinse the clothes by hand and them pass them again through the wringer to take the excess water out of them. Then she hung them on her clothesline. This was still much better, than our ancestors who carried their laundry to a stream to wash them, or on a scrub board.
So when it was our turn to be doing our laundry, out came the automatic washers, and automatic dryers, we were luckier than our parents with their wringer washers, I wonder what the future holds, will there be another invention that will again be easier to do our laundry with? Time will tell.
On another note, someone who is very important to many readers has been found, yep, he had gone to the Acadian Festival as I had thought. But P'tit Francois des Bois is back at home au Fond de La Baie. You can read all about him at ,Welcome back P'tit Francois, we missed you.
And speaking of the Acadian Festival, I have made my appearance in the L'Etoile French Paper this week, I am in the photo of Memramcook Acadian Day , I am sitting with George at the front .Had I known, I would have snuck to the back, grin.
Well that's it for today, thanks for the lovely visit, do drop in again.
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